Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts Vendors for 2017

All Seasons Potpouri

What they sell: Bags of potpouri, scented oils, wooden roses and lawn dogs, water beads, gift related items

Asiri’s Treasures

What they sell: Cotton dresses / skirts / blouses / pants and handmade woolen sweaters for kids

Avani Creations

What they sell: Handmade leather bags / journals, essential oils, leather & fabric jewellery, handmade t-shirts

Axis Leather

What they sell: Leather belts, caps, jackets, cowboy hats, buckles, helmets, dresses, t-shirts, horns, jewellery

Binny Fashion

What they sell: Ladies fashions, and bed linens

Celsa’s Varangay Store

What they sell: Philipino handicrafts, sea shell crafts & jewelry, wood & stone carvings

Costa’s Customized Clothing & Accessories

What they sell: Headbands, tutus, bows, shirts, lockets, suspenders, ties

Creative Minds

What they sell: Clothing, jewelry, chimes, wood carvings


What they sell: Tiki signs, Bamboo windchimes,masks,wood instruments,yoga clothing,silver rings

Silver N Such

What they sell: Jewellery, dresses, hats, purses, wind chimes, t shirts, blankets, jackets

Stroker Leather

What they sell: Leather (wallets, purses, belts, chaps, vests), jewelry, scarves, bags, collars, footwear, embroidered patches

The Elephant Trunk

What they sell: Sterling silver jewellery from Thailand including rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, pewter necklaces, silkfan

Maya Collection

What they sell: Ladies clothing, jewellery and accessories

Mela Bath

What they sell: Body scrubs, froths, hair treatments, massage oil, wax melts, beard oil, clay masks, lip balm & scrub

Native Mafia

What they sell: Native mafia branded merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, etc.) and paintings

One Up International

What they sell: Soccer jerseys,jackets,tracksuits,hats, scarfs, boxing gloves, bags, flags,balls, bracelets, watches etc

La Bonnie Sorciere

What they sell: Spirit art, pakistani/indian, mexican, ojibway, tibetan, hindu, and budhist products

Little Fancy Pants Closet

What they sell: Handmade doll clothes / furniture / accessories and handmade cloth dolls

Magnetic Jewelery by Bluefront

What they sell: Handcrafted magnetic necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings

Mary’s Bears

What they sell: Perosnalized teddy bears, golf. T.towels, bath towels, crowns, capes, dog bandanas, hoodies, aprons, knapsacks, dog ropes, bones, mats, key chains, zipper pals, named bracelet

Irie jam Rasta Wear

What they sell: Caribbean and Rasta clothing, slippers, A&C,woods, jewelry, umbrellas, caps, scarves

J&T Shades

What they sell: Sunglasses, Hats, T-Shirts

Kitchener Kollectables

What they sell: Framed insects & butterflies, sports & non-sports cards, comics, photos

Kreationz Custom

What they sell: Custom embroidered items (bibs, onesies, aprons, tote bags, teddy bears, blanket buddies, hooded towels)

Harmony & Contrast

What they sell: Drawing life portraits and caricatures

Helen Broderick

What they sell: Cdn made T’s, nighties, tutu’s, princess dresses, halos, headbands, hairclips, wands, dolls, animals

IGI Canada

What they sell: Leather wallets, belts, hats, vests,bags, pouches, purses, and T shirts

Indo Pacific Inc./ Destiny Silver

What they sell: Sterling silver w/semi-precious stones, silk screened & batik dresses,sarongs

Deliciously Wick’t

What they sell: Custom scented candles, melts for warmers, gift basket arrangements

Ecuador Crafts

What they sell: Kids clothing, instruments, small jewellery, adult hats, bags, blankets

Freak Parade

What they sell: Silver & steel rings, body jewelry, hats, belt buckles, t shirts, bags, wallets, posters

Goodview Fashion

What they sell: Handmade craft and jewelry, kids jewelry, personalized & fashion jewelry, personal ornaments

The Purple Puddle

What they sell: Digitally printed/patterned leggings, t shirts, tunics, crop tops


What they sell: Tupperware Products

Universal Leather Craft

What they sell: Leather belts, wallets, hats, etc.

Wilma & Karen’s Creations

What they sell: Knitted & Crotcheted toys, hand, puppets dressed, dolls, and other various items

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