Commercial Vendors for 2017


What they sell: Breast Cancer items, Sun screen, Bug spray

Bath Fitter

Body Candy

What they sell: Stainless steel & leather jewelry, fidget spinners, Louai braclets

Candi Werx

What they sell: Candy, chocolates, novelties, fidge, pez collectibles

Chill Dawg

What they sell: Inflatable couches, lanyards, coasters, flags, key chains


What they sell: Costco Memberships

Hamilton Spectator

What they sell: Newspaper print and digital subscriptions

Haggler’s Flea Market

What they sell: Airbrushed tattoos, canada hats / key chains / sunglasses, glow stuff

Heiba Custom Jewelery

What they sell: Henna tattoos, custom gold plated jewelery


What they sell: Hypnotist


What they sell: Airbrush Tattoos, Hair Feathers, Glitter Tattoos, Hair Tinsel, Hair Jewels, Kids/Teen Rings & more

Posters & More

What they sell: Variety of posters and prints & giant bubbles

Print Canada Store

What they sell: Canada 150 items, wedding & event promotion favours & supplies

Rockstar Trade Company

What they sell: Beach/Yoga mats, summer hats, hippie jewerlry, beach coverups, small decorations


What they sell: Wax Warmers, Kid’s Stuffies/Clips, Light Bulbs, Diffusers, Essential Oils

Shisha Importer

What they sell: Ladies handbags, summer hats, sun glasses, fashion accessories

Sweet Legs

What they sell: Independent distrubutor of leggings

The Link Inc.

What they sell: Kids, ladies & men clothing, hats, sheets, pillows, blankets


What they sell: Tupperware Products

Voxxlife HPT

What they sell: Socks and insoles

Email or call 905-522-2297 for more information