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Bubble Soccer

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Pony Rides

Day l  –  Friday

Day 2  –  Saturday

Day 3  –  Sunday

Friday, June 30

Bandshell Stage #1

12:00p    The Red Decade

1:00p      Baila Wellness presents Zumba & Buti Yoga

2:30p      The Power of Dance

3:00p      The Vaudevillian

4:00p      Circle 5

5:00p      Cadillac Bill & The Creeping Bent

6:00p      Dave Rave & Hailey Rose

8:00p      David Usher


Community Stage #2

10:00a    Rise 2 Fame Youth Talent Search
                Juniors; 6-12 yrs

12:00p    Rise 2 Fame Youth Talent Search
                Youth; 13-21 yrs

4:00p      Citizenship Ceremony


Children’s Stage #3

12:00p   Tiara Wishes presents Moana’s Journey
                 hoola dance, singing, games w/meet&greet

1:00p     Learning with Lexi

2:00p     Fernandez the Mentalist

3:00p     Learning with Lexi

4:00p     Fernandez the Mentalist

5:00       Tiara Wishes presents Ariel’s under the Sea
               Story time & Sing-a-Long w/ Meet & Greet


New Music Expo Stage #4 – Punk Rock Party Friday

6:00p     Sevendown

7:00p     Vader’s Raiders

8:15p      Prior Convictions

*Artists/Schedule subject to change

Saturday, July 1

Canada’s 150th Birthday

Bandshell Stage #1

11:00a      Healthy Aboriginal Drum Circle

11:55a      Parade of Cultures arrives at the Bandshell

12:00p      Official Canada Day Ceremony, followed by
                  Canada Day Cake @ the Bingo Tent

2:00p        Jude Johnson

3:30p        Baila Wellness flash mob dance

3:35p        SLOGA Serbian Dance Group

4:30p        G Sole Band

6:00p        TG Swampbusters

7:00p        Canada 150 Song Contest winner performs

7:30p        Ashley MacIsaac

9:00p        The Sadies


Community Stage #2

9:00am               Baby Contest Registration

9:30a-11:00a     Canada Day Baby Contest

3:00p-5:00p       It’s Your Festival Spelling Bee
Primary 6-8 yrs, Jr 9-11 yrs, Intermediate 12-14 yrs


Children’s Stage #3

12:00p   Fernandez the Mentalist

1:00p    Tiara Wishes presents Moana’s Journey
               hoola dance, singing, games w/meet&greet

2:30p    Learning with Lexi

3:45p    Jude Johnson’s Silly Singing&Swinging Show

4:30p    Tiara Wishes presents Adventures w/ Elena                 of Avalor interactive show with singing                           dancing and Meet & Greet

5:30p    Learning with Lexi


New Music Expo Stage #4 – Singer/Songwriter Saturday

1:00p     By George

2:15p     Songs

3:30p     Jamie Shea

4:45p     Greg Moverley

6:45p     Patrick Denew

8:15p     Ethan Paxton

*Artists/Schedule subject to change

Sunday, July 2

Bandshell Stage #1
Latin Caribbean themed day

12:00p    The Power of Dance

1:00p      Solstice

2:30p      Miles from Nowhere

4:30p      Gospel Choir

6:30p      Riddim Riders

9:00p      Ammoye

9:30p      Jay Kartier

10:00p    Eyesus


Don’t miss these events at the Festival….

Friday: Citizenship Ceremony, and Talent Search

Canada Day: *I LOVE CANADA art contest                                           *Canada Day Baby Contest                                                *Spelling Bee                                                                        *Canada 150 Song Contest Y108,                                   95.3 Fresh, AM900 CHML

Sunday: Great Canadian Cook-off featuring Chef                        Nicholas


All weekend: 150 Years of Arts & Heritage in                                         Hamilton display                                                                 *Arts & Crafts vendors                                                       *Midway                                                                               *Nickel Brook Beer Garden                                               *New Health & Wellness area                                           *Bingo                                                                                   *Walk on Water                                                                   *Bubble Soccer


Community Stage #2

12:00p-5:00p    It’s Your Festival’s Great Canadian                                   Cook-Off

Each team represents a different country:

Round 1 –         Hungary vs. Brazil
Round 2 –         Italy vs. Ireland
Final Round –   Winner of Round 1 vs. Winner of                                       Round 2

5:00p                  Silvertones Steel Drums


Children’s Stage #3

12:00p    Learning with Lexi

1:00p      Beauty & the Beast Show

Enjoy a magical journey and sing along with princess Belle and his lovely prince and the village villain, Gaston. The story includes everyone’s favourite songs such as Something There, The Mop Song, How Does a Moment Last Forever, Days in The Sun, Evermore etc.

2:00p     Tiara Wishes presents Moana’s Journey hoola dancing, singing, games w/ Meet & Greet

3:00p     Beauty & the Beast Show (see above)

4:00p     Learning with Lexi

5:00p     Fernandez the Mentalist

5:30p     Tiara Wishes presents Rapunzel’s Sing-a-                      long & courtyard dancing w/Meet & Greet


New Music Expo Stage #4 – Rockin’ Sunday

1:00p     Delmar Junction

2:15p     Mike Williams and Friends

3:30p     Janicii

4:45p     Treble Men

6:30p     Creeping Bent Orchestra

8:00p     Sloppy Jalopy

*Artists/Schedule subject to change