Great Canadian Cook-Off

Compliments to the Chefs

Share your ‘Inner Chef’ and join us with the Top Chefs

Geremy Gilligan

Born: May 27, 1971
Hometown: St. Catharines
Current city: St. Catharines

I was interested in becoming part of this team to be able to show the world no matter what, win or lose we hold our heads high and be proud of what we have accomplished is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. To wear our flag and represent our country is a dream come true. To give back to country that had given me so much, how could I not?

I always knew that NC was the place for me. There are so many great things about the Niagara when it comes to food, from the growers to chefs, and NC has outstanding teachers from all these fields to impart their wisdom. There is so much talent in the Niagara region and so many of them work at the college.
Without the knowledge that I received in class, I would not be in my position today. I learned so much in class and lectures. NC taught me what I needed to know and now with that knowledge I am able to apply it to the team.

Perfection is required to compete in the Olympics and the variables of something going slightly wrong is tremendous. Knowing what to do before it gets to that stage is something that is taught by trial and error. That never ending sense of ‘what could I do better’ is challenging.

I love the fact that every day there is something to be learned. Through practice and by learning from each other there is always an improvement each and every day.

(See #23 on the Siteplan for detailed location at Gage Park).
Samples will be offered to the first 50 participants @$2 each
along with recipes.