2024 Bandshell Stage

Events / artists / schedule subject to change


Saturday, June 29

International Day

Time Performer / Event
12:00 Kostas Greek Music
2:30 The Barettas

The Deadly Romantics

Winner of 2024 New Music Expo Challenge!

5:30 Rising Hedons Folk Group
7:30 Golden Feather


Sunday, June 30

Caribbean Day

Time Performer / Event
12:00 Two Families Band
1:30 Suzuran Odori Group of the Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre Hamilton
4:00 Gypsy Girls
6:00 Riddim Riders
7:30 Steele


Monday, July 1

Canada’s 157th Birthday
It’s Your Festival celebrates 55 years

Time Performer / Event
12:00 Healthy Aboriginal Men’s Circle Drum
12:50-2:00 Parade of Cultures arrives – Official Canada Day Ceremony
2:00 The Six Nations Smoke Dancers
3:15 PICAH Dancers (Philippine Islanders Cultural Assoc. of Hamilton)
3:30 Sunshine Dance Group (Chinese)
4:30 “As Tricanas” Portuguese Folk Group
5:15 Ghana Assoc. Hospitality Group
6:00 School of Serbian Folklore SLOGA
7:30 Matty Simpson Band



Saturday, June 29

12:00 AM

Kostas Greek Music


2:30 PM

The Barettas

Hailing down from steel city Hamilton these three firecracker girls have been in the game over 10 years playing electrifying shows that range from the unsung music halls to the opening slot at Burlington’s SOM festival opening up for The Diodes and the New York Dolls. Speaking of New York City, they’ve been there as well playing shows in Manhattan and Detroit Rock City where the crowd sang along to the their music.

“The Barettas have been resurrected and are back from the grave. And we’re aiming right in between the music industries eyes! Bang Bang, baby.”

3:30 PM

The Deadly Romantics

Winner of 2024 New Music Expo Challenge!

The Deadly Romantics were formed in the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario. Over a career spanning two full length releases and four EPs, the band has successfully offended people across North America and Europe. Amateur song writing and what can only be described as childish and grossly immature lyrics, the band continues to defy logic by not splitting up and going home to make better lives for themselves.

5:30 PM

Rising Hedons Folk Group

Equal parts thoughtful storytelling and reckless abandon, Rising Hedons play a unique blend of folk, bluegrass and traditional interpretations.

7:30 PM

Golden Feather

Golden Feather is a project inspired by the love of music that takes its listeners on a journey.
The band is comprised of members Bradley Germain, Steven Kiely, Ronson, Gareth Inkster and Murray Heaton. They have released three EPs, “Light On Water” in 2020, “In Air” and “Now & Then” in 2022, and a live album “Welcome Release” in June of 2023. Their debut full length record is set for release later this summer.
Golden Feather shows are full of dancing, sing-alongs, and good vibes, something that has to be experienced for yourself to believe. Come watch the Feather Fly!

Golden Feather is comprised of members Bradley Germain, Steven Kiely, Ronson, Gareth Inkster and Murray Heaton, a group that shares a love of music that takes its listeners on a journey.
The band . They have released three EPs, “Light On Water” in 2020, “In Air” and “Now & Then” in 2022, and a live album “Welcome Release” in June of 2023. Their debut full length record is set for release later this summer.

Seeing the band live is where you get to really see what they’re all about. It’s very much a two way transfer of energy between the crowd and the band. They’re not afraid to explore their music and try new things out, especially in front of a live audience. Golden Feather shows are full of dancing, sing-alongs, and good vibes, something that has to be experienced for yourself to believe. Come watch the Feather Fly!

9:30 PM

Sass Jordan

There are very few female singers used as an example to describe a sound/style, but Sass Jordan is one of them. A pioneer of female-fronted rock, Sass Jordan is known for her powerful, gritty, blues-infused rock and roll and crowd-pleasing performances, and has received a JUNO award and multiple nominations for ‘Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year” and “Best Female Vocalist” respectively. Having sold over one million records worldwide, the raspy vocals of this rock sensation are unmistakable and command attention—she has worked alongside fellow rock greats like Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Van Halen, among many others. She is best known for hits like “Make You a Believer,” “So Hard,” “You Don’t Have to Remind Me” and “High Road Easy.”

Sass Jordan’s new Stony Plain Records album, Bitches Blues, can almost be considered part two of 2020’s Rebel Moon Blues. Like the previous record, it has eight tracks and features both originals and covers of songs from Taj Mahal, Freddie King and others. “It was just the songs that stood out to me and asked me to sing them,” Jordan says of assembling the material for what most would call her second blues album, even though the style has influenced her music since she first came to popular acclaim with her 1988 Tell Somebody debut.

Sunday, June 30

12:00 PM

Two Families Band

Concert performances, author and cover programs in various styles, musical arrangement of events, music lessons for children and adults.
We are professional musicians (originally from Ukraine) with extensive experience in stage work: clubs, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships. We also have a large repertoire of music in different languages, in different styles: classical music, jazz, blues, folk, rock and roll, etc. During last year in Canada, we’re gave many solo concerts, participated in television show and participated in festivals: Niagara Jazz Festival, Dundas Cactus Festival, Toronto Ukrainian Festival, Niagara Music Festival, Hamilton “Music and motion”, “It’s your Festival”, CMCTV Talent Show and etc.

Valentyn Zadoianov (guitar, vocal, harmonica) is a professional concert performer, guitar teacher, composer. Higher education. Traveled a lot around the world with concerts and creative expeditions. Wrote and published 12 collections of original music for guitar. Recorded 12 author’s albums in various styles: classical, ethnic music, blues, rock, jazz, etc.

Iryna Samarina (vocal, flute) is a professional concert and studio singer, vocal teacher for children and adults. Has a wealth of experience. Traveled a lot around the world with concerts as a singer and flute player of music bands. Winner of numerous competitions. Performs music in various styles: classical and folk music, jazz, blues, rock, etc.

Julia Kim (domra) is a professional teacher and performer with vast experience. Winner of numerous music competitions.
Higher education. Has repeatedly performed in ensembles, orchestras, and as a solo artist.

Oleh Apostolov (double bass) is a professional performer, teacher, arranger with a higher musical education and many years of experience. Winner of numerous competitions, participant of international jazz festivals.

1:30 PM

Suzuran Odori Group of the Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre Hamilton

Susuran Odori, are a traditional Japanese dance group from the Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre of Hamilton.

Suzuran means Lily of the Valley and Odori means Dance.

The small white flowers of lily of the valley represent the students depending on their teacher the strong green stalk of the plant. Suzuran Odori is one of the oldest traditional Japanese dance performance groups in Canada. Mrs Chiyoko Izumi the founder of Suzuran Odori began her studies in Japan and British Columbia when she was very young and kept dancing throughout her life still teaching her students while in her late 90’s until the pandemic restricted her teaching. She came from a tradition of dance, her mother was also a teacher who had her own odori group in Hamilton known as Hachitsu. We are carrying on this legacy to honour the Suzuran odori established here in Hamilton in 1944 by the late Mrs. Chiyoko Izumi.

2:30 PM

Gospel Choir

6:00 PM

Riddim Riders


7:30 PM


9:30 PM

Big Sugar

The legendary Big Sugar celebrate their ground-breaking “500 Pounds” deluxe vinyl world wide release from Third Man Records with “An Evening With” 2-set theatrical presentation that spans their storied career from Hugo Boss suit days to their more recent Roots Rock Reggae vibes. Gordie Johnson’s power trio breathe life into their early blues and jazz-tinged songbook that has influenced generations of guitarists. “The theatre setting gives us the opportunity to explore a much wider range of styles while still presenting a Big Sugar rock & roll show!”

Mr. Johnson has returned to the stage with new bassist and fellow Austinite Anders Drerup and 22-year-old phenom drummer Root Valach. “Our music has always been about roots and culture and this is a perfect piece of that evolution.” They have become a seamless unit of deep musicality and soaring vocals providing fans with
some of the best Big Sugar shows yet. Since the 90’s Big Sugar have been a staple on the airwaves and highways with a unique combination of Jamaican rhythms, blues tonality and heavy rock aggression. Songs like “Diggin’ A Hole”, “If I Had My Way”, “Turn the Lights On” and “Roads Ahead” with their Roots Rock Reggae style featuring Gordie Johnson’s signature guitar playing have built a loyal following, earning Big Sugar a Road Gold Award as they continue to sell out concerts across North America.

Monday, July 1

Canada’s 157th Birthday - It’s Your Festival celebrates 55 years

12:00 PM

Healthy Aboriginal Men’s Circle Drum

12:50 PM – 2:00 PM

Parade of Cultures arrives – Official Canada Day Ceremony


2:15 PM

The Six Nations Smoke Dancers

Traditional creation story of the Haudenosaunee
The Six Nations Smoke Dancers are from the Six Nations of the Grand River located in Southern Ontario Bear Brantford Ontario.
They share the unique culture and traditions of the hud-deno-show-knee (haudenosaunee) they will be showcasing a variety of traditional social songs and dances.

3:15 PM

PICAH Dancers (Philippine Islanders Cultural Assoc. of Hamilton)

Our Mission
Promote and preserve our Iloccana culture and language thru interaction with others locally, nationally, and internationally.

Foster kinship, friendship, and fellowship among Ilocanos and other Filipinos from the different islands of the Philippines.

3:30 PM

Sunshine Dance Group (Chinese)


4:30 PM

“As Tricanas” Portuguese Folk Group


5:15 PM

Ghana Assoc. Hospitality Group

Agoo or welcome to a cultural dance by the Hamilton Ghana cultural group. This is comprised by family and friends, and we will be doing the Adowa dance, one of the many dances performed in Ghana. This is a dance rooted in the Akan-Ashanti culture, and it is full of hand and foot expressions. The song that will be used for our performance is called “Aseda” and we have no rights, legal or otherwise, to the use of this beautiful song by Agyeiwaa. Relax and enjoy a taste of Ghanaian culture.

6:00 PM

School of Serbian Folklore SLOGA


7:30 PM

Matty Simpson Band

Matty Simpson has an eclectic taste for music. From songwriting greats like Bob Dylan to rock legends like Nirvana. He has been compared to psychedelic guitar players like David Gilmour to Neil Young. Although Matty has played alongside many notable artists, on prestigious stages, he remains very modest and likes to walk his own path. His debut album, “Strange Weather” has been described as a mix of rock n roll with rhythm and blues; captured sounds of the 70/90s and modern music. He is currently working on his sophomore record. He has been known to travel and perform with world class musicians. His current band consists of sought after performers, Justine Fischer on bass and Robin Pirson on drums.

9:30 PM

The Jim Cuddy Band

How do you chronicle a life, especially as a widely acclaimed musician with a thousand hair-raising stories to tell, while simultaneously and simply documenting the present moment? And why would anyone assign themselves such a task?

As Jim Cuddy discovered making his dazzling new album, All The World Fades Away, that particular songwriting mission was less an option than an imperative, one that came for the Blue Rodeo co-founder out of a rare abundance of time to reflect, tinker, and create. Sure, most rootsy singer-songwriter albums detail what the artist sees looking up, down, and around. But All The World Fades Away goes deeper, its windscreen is wider, maybe because Cuddy is that rare musician with decades to draw from and whose story is very much an arc in progress.

“You sort of enter a dream state when you begin writing. And I’ve begun to wonder why some images have stayed with me over the years and others haven’t. So yes, this album is about looking back,” Cuddy shares from his hometown Toronto. “However, I tried to make sure the record is affirming of life as it is now, reflecting how much I like where I’m at today. It’s not wrapping up or being nostalgic for old times. It’s just… surveying.”

While most songs on All The World Fades Away map Cuddy’s unique compendium of memories and the emotions they stir, few marshal the sheer impact of the magisterial, tender “Impossible,” one of the album’s standout tracks. “It’s a song for Jill Daum, wife of John Mann of Spirit of the West. She lost her husband quite young.” After beating colorectal cancer in 2011, Mann succumbed to early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2019 at just 57. “Jill and John’s son has struggled with mental health and lived on the street for a while. That’s an enormous amount of difficulty heaped on one person. A parent is only as happy as their least happy child. I ran the song past Jill, who asked her son, who then wrote me a letter saying he understood it was about the undying love a parent has for their child. That was all the endorsement I needed. I have played that song a lot and it’s remarkable who comes and talks to me about it afterwards. You just never know who is struggling with these issues.”

Fittingly for an album “surveying” the past, All The World Fades Away explores many relationships. Witness the album’s radiant openers, “Learn to Live Alone” and “You Belong.” Each examines different connections separated by decades but threaded through Cuddy’s personal narrative.

“If I were to look at the evolution of my very long relationship with my wife [actor Rena Polley], we have spent a lot of time apart,” Cuddy says of musically buoyant but slightly tear-stained” Learn to Live Alone,” which soars on his falsetto in the chorus. “Independence has become one of the foundational pieces of our relationship, and it has shaped the way we live. When I see other couples that do everything together, I can’t help but wonder how that’s possible.”

Then comes the pensive ballad “You Belong” which chronicles a romance from Cuddy’s early years. “This record was written with no deadline at our little country place during the pandemic. I had a lot of time to examine things and some of those things included past relationships. And yes, what’s described in the song happened,” Cuddy says, referring to bumping into the ex-lover at an event, where she blanked on his name. “I have no intention of rekindling anything but what was established in the time we spent together is as present now as it was then.” Cuddy chuckles when asked Polley’s reaction to the song. “She’s not threatened by it. She knows this is art and not biography.”

The prolonged gestation of the three-years-in-the-making All The World Fades Away helps explain Cuddy’s reflective mindset. Hitting pause on his solo record, Cuddy took time to record and tour with Blue Rodeo. However, in the summer of 2023, Cuddy got the band back together at The Woodshed Studio to complete the album. Co-producers Tim Vesely and Colin Cripps-also on guitar-were joined by drummer Joel Anderson, bassist Bazil Donovan, violinist Anne Lindsay, keyboardist Steve O’Connor and a marquee roster of guests including vocalist Jenn Grant.

“Colin and I have worked together from the very beginning so that’s very symbiotic. And Tim, who added percussion and vocals across the record, is brilliant. He helps us decide musical questions.”

Jenn Grant’s involvement with the project expanded beyond her vocal contribution on “Scars” after she gifted Cuddy a video for the song. Her multi-disciplinary work as both a visual artist and a musician gave her a singular perspective on Cuddy’s music. She ended up creating several videos for the album, bringing her unique visual style to support and highlight the powerful songwriting on the album.

Where one finds Cuddy, one often finds Keelor though rarely in the comically smug and sarcastic form captured by the new track “Everyday Angels.” It’s a chiming, guitar and violin-goosed corker that posits Cuddy as our “aw-shucks” protagonist guilelessly musing about this and that while Keelor snidely mocks him in call-and-response vocals. “It certainly has our shared humour,” Cuddy howls. “I sent the song to Greg; he sent it back with a few Beatles-inspired bits and we recorded it.”

He continues. “When Blue Rodeo started, I wrote songs with the intention of playing them live. But as things have gone along, I write them more as short stories. That kind of evolution takes time and concentration, which I enjoyed with this record.”

And where should it be filed in bricks-and-mortar record shops? “I guess I’d like to see it filed wherever John Prine is filed,” Cuddy says. “There’s something perfect about his songs. They have a straightforward harmonic structure and are told simply, but they have impact. That’s what I’m going for, too.”