2023 It's Your Festival New Music Expo Stage

Events / artists / schedule subject to change

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Canada’s 156th Birthday - It’s Your Festival celebrates 54 years

1:00-1:50 PM

Two Families Band

Newly arrived from Ukraine, “Two Families Band”, now from Hamilton. The two families are Valentyn Zadoianov (guitar, vocal, harmonica) and Irina Samarina (vocal, flute), and their friends Oleg Аpostolov (double bass) and Yuliia Kim (domra). Valentyn is a composer and has written some beautiful songs in different styles.

2:20-3:10 PM


“Era-spanning dream-pop” from Hamilton, ON. Once described as a “dreamy version of Linkin Park”, Linebeck aims to find the push-and-pull between happy vivacity & nostalgic melancholy. Formed one month before the world stopped, Linebeck spent their first years as a band writing and workshopping songs remotely.

3:40-4:30 PM

The Mill●Rights

Reassembled from parts of Kingston, Ontario’s finest Blues & Outlaw Country tribute bands, The Mill•Rights are a group of hard-workin’ full-time friends on a mission to forge their own timeless body of music. Building on the foundations laid by some of Canada’s most beloved artists, the Mill•Rights move fluidly through elements of roots, rock, reggae, country, folk, and blues among other genres.

5:00-5:50 PM

Treading Zero

Treading Zero are trying to do something different to stand out so all of our rock songs are played using an acoustic guitar with no distortion. That being said, we still rock hard and get people on their feet! Our music can be found on all platforms and is also getting FM radio play. Each song we write is different from the last and this gives a diverse selection of original music with something for everyone.

6:50-7:40 PM

Moonshine and Grits

“Country music is our heart and soul, and this ain’t our first Rodeo… with years of touring and live experience, we’re here to set your night on fire.”

8:10-9:00 PM

Backroad Bourbon

Our goal as musicians is to create a lively, inclusive experience. Around here, everybody is welcome. We believe in being creative and having the courage to take a risk. Every batch that Back Road Bourbon produces goes through a rigorous quality control process. Quite frankly, we want to be your new favourite band and we’re a bit relentless in working to make that happen.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

1:00-1:50 PM

Flamboro Guns

Rockin Blues that keep you dancing from the first chord.

2:20-3:10 PM


5-piece party-function band from the Hamilton and GTA area, performing for over 13 years.
Amy F – Vocals, Jeff B – Bass, Frank C – Keyboards, Piero I – Drums/Vocals, Dave C – Guitar/Vocals

3:40-4:30 PM

East of Nowhere

Formed in 2019, East Of Nowhere banded together over a love of live music and fine French pastries. Realizing a definite chemistry during their first rehearsal, East Of Nowhere elected to concentrate on writing original music. To date East of Nowhere have released 2 EPs; “Still young and cool” (2019) and “Scratch ” (2023). East Of Nowhere have honed a live performance that engages audiences and creates a buzz.

5:00-5:50 PM


Your fav band from Toronto, Canada.

Vocals & Xylophone: Geoff Childs, Guitars: Dom Spina, Drums: Capps, Bass: Anthony Caetano

6:50-7:40 PM


A 4 piece band from the Hamilton – Dundas area. Pop, rock, folk, ska; tongues firmly in cheeks.

8:10-9:00 PM


Original & cover band based out of Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. DFP has been rocking crowds for almost a decade, and have taken things up a notch with a slight re-configuring of the band. Drummer/bass player Shawn Poirier stepped back, Jeremy Cawill (bass/guitar/drums) was brought in, and to round out our sound, keyboardist/bassist Jeremy Mote (yes, two Jeremy’s) was added. With Brock Berry (guitars/vocals/drums) & Rob Truchon (drums/bass) the core members of DFP, we now have a fuller sound as well as more musical influence, which has given birth to several new songs, culminating in the creation of DFP’s second album (EP) entitled “Rock & Roll Ain’t Dead”.

Monday, July 3, 2023

1:00-1:50 PM

Betches Brew

High octane soul funk and Blues Rock ready to bring the magic of music to the stage

2:20-3:10 PM

The Monsters

Each member of The Monsters showcases their different styles and tastes of music. Once they get together, the unforgettable sound of The Monsters lifts up a room. Formed in March 2022, and based out of Six Nations, the group is very excited to broaden their horizons.

3:40-4:30 PM


Niagara’s Loud & Proud Live Music Solution

5:00-5:50 PM

The Big Heavy

The Big Heavy started as a concept band and was originally called Grumpy. Intended to be a satirical hard rock band that would focus its song ideas around middle age angst, it took on a new direction as the band members rehearsed and found a more natural and exciting sound. The band gels and there is a chemistry that makes it all special.

6:50-7:40 PM

Black Sunrise

Black Sunrise is an original Gritty Rock band based in southern Ontario.

8:10-9:00 PM

The Deadly Romantics

The Deadly Romantics were formed in the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Over a career spanning two full length releases and four EPs, the band has successfully offended people across North America and Europe. Amateur song writing and what can only be described as childish and grossly immature lyrics, the band continues to defy logic by not splitting up and going home to make better lives for themselves.