New Double Album from Lifetime Achievement Award Winner!

Canadian music veteran, Bob Bryden (‘Reign Ghost’, ‘Christmas’) has been partnering with psychedelic musican Rory Quinn (who named his band after Bryden’s Reign Ghost song, ‘Long Day Journey’), the two released their first album together, ‘Abandoned Songs and Living Room Jams’ in 2018. Now, in 2021 Bob and Rory have returned with a second offering – a double album entitled, ‘Love in the Atomic Age’. The new album is psychedelic in every respect. From beginning to end there are constant surprises as styles and tonalities shift constantly with eccentric abandon.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, but raised in Oshawa, Bob Bryden has had a multi-layered professional and artistic life. In the 1960’s he began to compose, play and perform in various pop groups. His first album of original music, Reign Ghost, was released in 1968. Many of Bob’s subsequent record release go for exorbitant prices on the collector’s market. He recorded 5 albums with the band, Christmas.

When that band dissolved in 1975, Bob spent several years pursuing a career as an actor. Then after living in Toronto, Bob took over the reins of Star Records store in Hamilton,Ontario.

Arriving in Hamilton in July of 1978, Bob quickly formed a record label and signed The Forgotten Rebels. Bryden produced The Rebels’ first EP, their two subsequent albums and one single. Bryden also produced Oshawa’s Durango 95 first Lp, ‘Lose Control’. A a pioneer of the ‘indie’ bug, Bob also soon recorded his first solo album, ‘See This Brick’; a notorious single with the band Benzene Jag and 2 albums with Age of Mirrors. Bob continues to produce music and his total number of original music albums has now reached 21 with 4 solo albums including ‘Polaroid Verite’ and ‘Yorkville Days’.

In 2020 Bob was indicted into the Oshawa music hall of fame with a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to musical culture in the Durham, Ontario region with his bands Reign Ghost, Christmas and the spirit of christmas.



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