A talk and tour that covers steps for growing a food garden in a front yard from breaking ground to completion. This project started because my neighbour & I were both off work during the COVID pandemic and wanted to do something that interested us both; construction, gardening, and specifically growing food.
“It was something that we could do outside to keep busy and to get fresh air and exercise”.
Valerie discusses previous attempts at growing in containers, expanding an existing garden bed and constructing raised garden boxes from reclaimed wood. When using reclaimed wood you want it to be untreated, some of the large items we used had to be pulled apart. Alot of hours went into picking things up and pulling out old nails and staples.

This workshop covers the items we used and where we sourced them from, which was our neighbourhood Buy Nothing group. These groups are a great community resource and support system in all times. Valerie talks about companion planting (plants that support each other and help with their growth), as well as the farms where they sourced some of the seedlings to complete the garden project. Many of the plants were grown inside from seeds.