The School of Serbian Folklore SLOGA is a traditional folk dance school located in the heart of Stoney Creek. It is comprised of four groups ranging from preschool to college-aged dancers where traditional Serbian song and dance repertoire is learned and performed.
SLOGA has performed at major festivals over the past 10 years such as Hamilton’s It’s Your Festival, Toronto’s CHIN picnic, the Toronto International Dance Festival and Vitek Wincza’s Together in Dance.

We wish everyone a Happy Canada day and hope to see you all next year in person at Gage Park.

First Ensemble – Shope Dances (Šopske igre)
SLOGA’s First Ensemble is performing a suite of dances from the Southeast region of Serbia known as Shope dances.
This temperamental dance features driving tempos with lively melodies as well as a contrasting rhythm unique to the Balkan regions in the south. The orchestration is punctuated throughout the arrangement with traditional Balkan bagpipes indicative of this musical genre.

Second Ensemble – Vlah Dances (Vlaške igre)
SLOGA’s Second Ensemble is performing a suite of Shepherd dances known as Vlah dances. This unique group continues to live in Serbia with their unique language, belief system and music.
The syncopated stamping in the dances you are about to see are believed to drive out spirits living in the ground.


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